Health and Safety Resources

This CDC website has everything you need to know about COVID-19. From how to protect yourself, what you should do when you’re sick, and symptom checker, this website has everything you need to know about the virus. It also offers information on going back to school.

The CDC has put together a list of tips to help your child cope with the pandemic, before, during, and after it’s worst times. This website also includes activities, common behaviors/reactions, and additional resources for more support. 

The NASP put together a list of more specific strategies to help your child in times of stress. It also offers age relative signs of stress, age appropriate explanations, and additional resources. 

This CDC article offers various scenarios of exposure, whether you may have been exposed or tested positive, and when you can return to being around others. It also offers information on what to do if you are sick, caring for someone who is sick, quarantine information, and symptom based strategies. 

This playbook offers protocols for how staff, parents, and families should respond when someone is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. This playbook is used as a set of guidelines to ensure the safety of your children and all teachers and staff upon the return to school. 

This website provides a plethora of information on how to keep your child safe in our new world of digital learning. It includes child-safe search engines, antivirus protection companies, and step by steps to protecting your children. 

This webpage on the CDC website offers guidance documents for all scenarios surrounding COVID-19. This includes guidance for shared housing, COVID-19 and animals, using PPE, and other health and safety practices.