Greystone Elementary School

100 Morgan Avenue

North Providence, R.I. 02911

Phone: (401) 233-1130 | Fax: (401) 232-5403

Principal: Stefanie Lafleur



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At Greystone Elementary, we value a home/school partnership and  open communication is important to us.  

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100 Morgan Avenue, North Providence R.I. 02911
Phone: 401-233-1130
Fax: 401-232-5403


Individual School Contacts


Mr. Joseph Goho

Assistant Superintendent
Mrs. Louise Seitsinger

Special Education Director
Ms. Cynthia VanAvery

Ms. Stefanie Lafleur

Greystone Secretary
Ms. Brenda Corcelli




Supervisor of Early Childhood Programs

Mr. David Radcliff

(401) 231-8486 (fax)


Ms. Jennifer Carrier:

Ms. Arianna Petrocelli:

Mrs. Sharon McMahon:


Mrs. Amanda Graziano:

Mrs. Shayna Waterman:

Grade 1

Mrs. Danielle Lucca:

Mrs. Kerri Moura:


Grade 2

Mrs. Christine Creamer:

Mrs. Diane Roberts:


Grade 3

Mrs. Adriana Ricci:

Mrs. Tiffany Hervieux:

Grade 4

Mrs. Lori Aquilante:

Mrs. Mary Palumbo:

Grade 5

Mr. Fernando Torres:

Mrs. Denise Turcotte:


Special Education

Mrs. Victoria Lineberger:

Mrs. Lisa Giammarco:

Intensive Academic Support

Mrs. Nicole Schatz:

Ms. Caroline Crudale:

Physical Education/Health/APE

Mr. Robert Bello:

Mr. Michael Melikian:


Mrs. Cynthia Eastman:


Mrs. Lindsey Hathaway:


Mrs. Deirdre Donovan:

Title 1 Reading

Mrs. Stephanie Ganim, Director:

Mrs. Lisa Montecalvo:

Mrs. Nicole Schatz:


Ms. Alexandra Puleo:

Mrs. Jennifer Kollek:






School Social Worker

Mrs. Ivy Kolb:

Speech and Language Pathologist

Mrs. Jennifer Benell:

Ms. Kristin Gilmore:

School Nurse

Mrs. Sheri Farrell:

School Psychologist

Mrs. Paula Solomon:

Occupational Therapist

Mrs. Joye Santos: